Memory is both a natural instinct and a learned skill. Though we all possess the capability to remember certain things and we regularly practice this ability, there are ways to build and improve your memory and skill. For years, this has been a scientific study of the brain, and at Genius in 21 Days, how your brain loves remembering things and what your process is to have an incredible memory.

Let’s start with the fact that memory is just a small part of the “whole learning” process.

The learning process pass through different steps:

  • Approach
  • Reading
  • Understanding
  • Organizing
  • Memorizing
  • Be able to explain or apply your knowledge.

In this article I’ll focus more on memory techniques and why they really work!!

Practicing some memory techniques can allow you to access immediately to pieces of info when you need right away.

The problem is not how much you use your brain but what you do with it. What tools you use to make your memory efficient.

You have to know that our memory works on 3 characteristics:

  • Visual
  • Associative
  • Emotional


Think about an event you had in your life years ago. Done??

Without even knowing what the event you thought about is I can certainly say that in your memory there are:

  • images of the event (Visual);
  • people who you were connected with, things you were doing (Associations);
  • and emotions related to that event. (Emotional).

How well do you remember it? Can you tell someone about it?

But the real question is: did you repeat it over and over to remember it or to keep it fresh in your mind?

The answer to this last question 98% of the time is: “NO!”

You didn’t repeat over and over to keep it in your mind. You just recall it. Correct?


Memory techniques work because they are based on those 3 characteristics.

Here is the secret!

If you are able to use all of them every time in anything you need to remember, guess what? You will remember it.

At the Genius Course we teach exactly this. What the process is. You’ll learn techniques to memorize anything you need and retain the knowledge as long as you want/need.

There are techniques to memorize:

  • speeches
  • Formulas (math, physics, chemistry, geometry..)
  • New languages
  • Dates
  • Numbers
  • Definitions
  • Complex concepts
  • Poetries
  • Steps for new programs
  • Books

Imagine if you can retain everything you need forever.

Is this really possible?

Come and meet me, I’ll blow your mind!