Sharon L

Memorization, Mind Maps, Productivity, Retention, Time Management, 

I’m Sharon. I am a business coach with my own business. Small business owners often don’t have anyone to talk to about their business. I provide space and time to learn, discuss ideas and create plans for the business. This allows the owner to get out the day to day details and think about the big picture to develop their business.
I am constantly learning to support my clients and I would find that concepts just don’t stick. I felt like I was wasting a lot of time re-learning things that I’d already covered. I also give educational presentations to support my local community and for marketing. Remembering the content without notes has been a challenge. There are a lot of other new things that I’d like to try but I haven’t had the confidence to get started.
I felt I was wasting my time with business books because I’d need to read them again every time I wanted to refer to them. For the presentations, there is the fear of screwing up publicly by forgetting my key points or losing my train of thought. I loved mindmaps and memory techniques to improve my effectiveness.
I have more confidence that I will be able to learn and retain information on the first pass making tackling a new topic less frustrating. Overall, the increased confidence in what I can accomplish has given me energy to try new things.
Genius in 21 Days shed new light on how we learn and that there are alternative approaches to accomplish what we want.