Maureen K

Language, Organization, Retention, 

Hi, I am Maureen. I am a the CEO of Radiant Mourning. I consult with individuals to get their end-of-life wishes decided, documented , and discussed with those that matter most to them.
I have struggled with retaining information that I read and staying organized. When I am giving presentations I have to read and re-read information to make it stick in my brain. This has been really frustrating to me. On the organization and business structure aspect of my business, I have worked with business coaches and have general systems in place and they stick for a short time. I felt like there wasn’t a good solution for me and I would just muddle through and I wasted a lot of time in my day.
I would get frustrated that I wasn’t completing as much as I knew I could accomplish. I felt scattered. My work would run over into my family and free time that I had scheduled. I was getting burned out.
After taking the Genius in 21 Days course I am more organized, my retention is improved and I am beginning to learn a new language. I have uncovered learning blocks and am implementing new strategies such as MindMap for more effective and efficient work flow and learning. I believe anyone can benefit from this course. Also, thanks to the memory techniques I can retain speeches faster It has been a game changer!