Laura C

Creativity, Language, Memorization, Organization, 

Taking the Genius course has been a great investment for my life. I have learned so many valuable skills that I can apply to my everyday and also business.
I love how personalized to my specific way of learning it has been.
I feel like I have untapped a part of my brain that I didn’t know was there. So far I have been able to apply Mindmap to my daily and business life to organize and brainstorm new ideas. These have been helpful in creating new systems and keeping me organized and accountable.

I’ve also learned a new and very much improved way of learning new words on a different language. I love the memory techniques, In under ten minutes I was able to learn 20 new words in Spanish related to my business. Something that probably would have taken me more like two hours previously to this course!
I am so happy I invested in myself by taking the Genius in 21 days course, I know I will only continue to benefit from it!!