Organization, Procrastination, Speed Reading, 

I’m a nutritionist and spend a lot of my time reading research, taking continuing education, and trying to remember facts that are important for my clients to know.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a slow reader, to the point that other staff members at my old job made comments about it in a staff meeting. I would take copious notes in my continuing education classes, sometimes transcribing the whole lesson because I didn’t want to miss any details. And I was in a permanent state of overwhelm, which spiraled me into lack of confidence, which sucked my energy dry, meant I procrastinated about everything, and ended up with crappy results. I was constantly running late on every project, stressing myself out more, which made my memory even worse.

The course with Genius in 21 days was amazing. I was dreading sitting through 27 hours of lessons, but Stephanie and Cosimo are such great teachers. They understand how we all learn, so the curriculum met all of our educational needs. We were all engaged, and the three days flew by. The personal mentoring is incredible. I come away feeling so encouraged, creative, and optimistic.

In the last month, Genius in 21 days has helped me increase my reading speed by 5x, and my retention has skyrocketed. The mind maps help me organize my thoughts and my business. If I feel overwhelmed by a project, I reach for my “unblock” strategies and put them to use. I’m calmer, happier, and so much more productive. It’s only been a month! I can’t wait to see the impact on the rest of my year, and I can’t wait to take Genius 2.0 in the fall!