Carol J

Memorization, Productivity, Speed Reading, 

Hi! I am Carol Johnson with Successful Solutions. I am a life coach who works with single moms to create a life that allows them to take care of themselves and support their family.
I was struggling with remembering things and staying on task. I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t make it a priority. I allowed myself to get distracted.
I often let things fall off my plate because I didn’t have a system to write down my thoughts and create a plan.
After the course, I felt really good about myself. I was able to remember names and numbers. I also learned how to read strategically with speed reading strategies which will allow me to get through more books, and help more clients. Best of all, I was able to start the process of creating a course that I have been talking about for years! I am now feeling empowered and ready to change the lives of others.
Thank you Cosimo and Stephanie! I am so excited to have meet you!! You have made me a better person.