Andrew C

Mind Maps, Organization, Time Management, 

This course was rocket fuel for my personal and professional growth!

As a small business owner, I get pulled in 100 different directions and it’s a constant struggle to stay focused, stay on task, and make consistent progress daily. I’m a pretty dedicated and motivated person, but I was missing out on a few key techniques and methods to make my life easier.

The initial review process opened my eyes to the fact that I’m only about 20% efficient with my time and there’s so much more I can accomplish. As a father of 3 little kids, maximizing time for work and for play is critical. Stress is constant and fight between growing my business and enjoying time with my family always left me exhausted at the end of the day. This course seemed like a great fit for me and looking to better myself, I jumped in full force!

The course was truly practical, where we were putting everything we were learning immediately into practice to maximize retention. Obviously it’s a full commitment of time for a weekend course but the benefits are well worth the investment I put into the process!

Going through this course was a transformational experience. Personally, it gave me lots of tools to improve how I learn and retain just about everything in my daily life. The key for me and my small business centered around the methods and techniques to organize, systematize, and scale on a consistent, sustainable basis. For this reason I love mindmaping. I can honestly say the $ commitment and 3-day time investment I put into this course for myself, my family, and my business will easily provide me with a 100X multiple return.

This course is about Leveling Up and bettering yourself personally and professionally, all condensed into a 3-day, full-immersion that will yield returns for years to come.