Genius Test

Alfred R

Organization, Time Management, 

Hello, I’m Alfred and I am a college administrator, adjunct university professor, and business owner.
Besides previous work experience, I have over 20 years of experience in higher education and I understand the importance of effective learning strategies. The course provides new and critical learning methods and tools that we never “learned” in traditional classrooms. I’m applying what I’ve learned and I am committed to practicing these new skills in my personal and professional life.

With everything going on, I had difficulty organizing my time running from meeting to meeting and changing pace from administrator to professor, and doing all the other things I want. I wanted to read, research, and remember things. In addition, I really wanted to improve my communication skills and recall data and details. I was disengaged because I was nervous and anxious due to a lack of preparation. I would rely on hoping that I would be able to get by instead of being prepared to speak and contribute more. I would go into situations with a lack of confidence because my internal voice was reminding me that I didn’t know and didn’t prepare.

By realizing my learning style, I am more confident in understanding more about how I learn and allows me to focus my time. I use the tools to take better notes for my meetings (which I have 2-5 daily) and I recall what I need to. I have been efficient in my preparation for my class which has relieved me of any stress. I am able to read much faster. I am improving my memory in each and every way.

Stephanie and Cosimo are AWESOME!!!