Why do only 65.9% of high school graduates go on to college, and why is this number decreasing?

Most students see school and college as a chore that can often cause trauma, resulting in:

  • Having a hard time keeping up with the classes.
  • Feeling that studying is taking away the best years of their life.
  • Being dissatisfied with their grades.
  • Experiencing a stomach or headache before each test or exam.

The single, fundamental cause is that no one taught them how to study!

This may be the ONLY cause of your problems at school or in your work environment and can make all the difference in ensuring a future full of amazing successes and satisfaction.

I was eight years old when an assignment to memorize a poem for English class had me begging my mother to let me skip school the next day. I spent a whole afternoon reading and repeating, but not remembering or learning. The experience made me hate studying. For years I believed I wasn’t smart and couldn’t learn. I teach Genius in 21 Days because it changed how I approach learning, and I want everyone to feel as confident as I do.

Nobody likes being forced to deal with tasks in which they don’t feel confident!

If you’ve realized:

  • Your grades are not satisfactory
  • Your anxiety and stress before a test at school or evaluation at work prevent you from trying and destroy confidence in your knowledge
  • You spend hours and hours trying to memorize endless amounts of pages, notes, names, and dates
  • You are behind in your classes or business goals

Stop Blaming Yourself!

Genius in 21 Days will help you discover the solution for yourself.

Contact us if:

  • You are studying in high school, at college or university, or are getting a master’s degree and want to reduce the number of hours you spend studying to have more free time
  • You are a professional or researcher who must continually update your knowledge and skills with a disproportionate amount of information while struggling to keep up with everything.
  • You are looking for a job, but you realize you do not have the necessary skills to be a good candidate for the companies you want to work for, and you would like to learn new skills but don’t know where to start.
  • You are attending a challenging training course and worry you won’t retain everything you are learning.
  • You are sick of feeling frustrated and watching others succeed while you remain stuck.

Even if you are achieving success, the cost to sustain it may be very high, and we can reduce that stress by saving you time and aggravation.


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