Note Taking Strategies

Improved Note Taking Training


Our note taking strategies center around Mind Map techniques and take your note taking abilities to the next level.

Mindmaps do the following for note taking:

  • Supports your listening efforts
  • Allows you to test your understanding of the material
  • Helps you remember the material better when you write key ideas down
  • Gives you a sense of what the instructor things is important
  • Creates your “ultimate study guide”

A New Note Taking Method

Lists, outlines, concept maps, and many of the other age old ways of taking notes are not productive for learning and retention. People either write everything they hear or listen without taking notes. Neither of these is a productive way to learn. If you are writing some key sentences or points, you’re partially into the mind mapping mentality. With some small tweaks we can unlock this ability with custom mind mapping techniques based on your unique learning style. You will find yourself reviewing your notes only one time and feeling confident with upcoming tests and presentations.