Listening Strategies

Active Listening Techniques


Everyone can benefit from an improvement in listening techniques. Whether you are looking to improve your professional life or strengthen your relationship with those closest to you, our listening strategies can help you improve your listening ability quickly.

  1. We have three types of listening to categorize.

    • First is critical listening. This is important in areas such as education or work, where you are getting a lot of information and are expected to sift through the points to understand those which are most important. These require a medium to high level of engagement.
    • Then we have listening for pleasure. This would include books, movies, and so on. These require a low level of engagement and are generally less stressful listening items on the list.
    • Lastly, we have relationship listening. This is one of the most important areas for our personal lives as we can see relationships crumble if we are not listening properly. These require a high level of engagement.

    Problems with Listening Strategies

    Most of us are generally good at critical listening, but still hold on to fear of criticism and reluctance to be wrong in actual practice. These issues lead to anxiety and low engagement and a lack of retention in our listening.

    Our listening techniques are designed to cater to your own way of listening. Let us show you the way to improved listening, retention, and relationship strength for your professional and personal life.