Learning Blocks

How to Remove Learning Blocks


Many of us have made it through parts of school without a method to learn. Each individual person has a different way of learning. If you are not catering to your own style of learning, you are leaving knowledge on the table and probably frustrating yourself with a lack of retention and productivity. We have “blocks” called learning blocks that keep us from breaking through and developing that information in our own minds.

Common Blocks in Learning

The most common practice in attempting to learn information is repetition. This may be viewed as a method of learning, but the reality is, this is a non-method. Non methods lead to a lack of results and frustrate the learner to a point where they become anxious. Breaking these blocks out and creating a custom learning strategy is imperative to the retention and development of knowledge in our minds.

What Exactly is a Learning Block?

According to the dictionary , a block occurs when something is prevented from happening or succeeding. To block also means to prevent movement through something. When there is a learning block, our mind/body system cannot process the information optimally or even learn it at all.

Wrong actions during your study process create a block.

As a consequence of a block we have an emotion. Behind anxiety there is a block. Behind frustration there is block. Behind insecurity there is a block. Behind laziness there is a block. And all those emotions reinforce also the block itself.

Let us create a custom learning program for you to unblock these learning blocks and improve your knowledge and retention overall.