How to Memorize

Memorization Techniques


All of us could benefit from improved memorization and retention. Whether your wife is giving you a list of items to get at the grocery store, or you are looking to memorize multiplication tables in grade school, our memory techniques teach you how to memorize and retain pertinent information and have the ability to quickly recall it.

Tried and True Memorization Methods

The Genius in 21 Days name is known around the world for developing and implementing these memorization techniques. We have 5 countries with locations, 38 instructors, and have helped more than 400 folks in the United States improve their memory, reading abilities, study habits, and so much more. Contact us today to start the process to retain and recall more information than you ever thought possible.

Not a Passive Process

Memorization is an active process. For processes like these, we need to unlock our brains fully and use both hemispheres. In grade school, we learned to apply rational thought to our processes, but what about the other side? Unlocking the potential can improve your ability to develop and retain knowledge as you process through. Repetition is the typical way we learn to memorize and this simply doesn’t work. I’m sure you have come across an experience where you memorized for a test and the information left you immediately after. This is not learning, this is memorization for the sake of a test. The level of retention is nearly non existent.