How to Learn a Language

New Language Training


Learning a new language can feel like just that, a foreign language! We come across folks all the time with the desire to learn a new language, but have no idea where to start.

Whether you are looking to learn a new language in the new year, or you already know several languages, our courses can help you. We know learning a new language can be extremely frustrating or ultimately rewarding and we know how to make sure it is the latter.


Any new language starts with understanding pronunciation for the words in the vocabulary of said language. It is challenging to teach our mouth to make sounds that don’t exist in our first language. Challenging is not impossible, you just need to have the right tools and techniques at your disposal.


Once you understand pronunciation, it is time to improve your vocabulary. In order to understand 75% of a common written text, you need to know around one thousand words. In order to comprehend 80%, you need two thousand. This shows us that the first big chunk which can make a difference is one thousand words. If you are trying to memorize and repeat, you will end up lacking in retention and hardly remember the words you once knew unless you regularly practice. Applying memory techniques and techniques to remember anything forever will give a totally new approach that will get rid of this sense of frustration to give space to a consistent, constantly growing vocabulary that will impress even native speakers.


After developing proper pronunciation and an extensive vocabulary, it is time to focus on correct grammar within the new language you’ve chosen. Many people get stuck at this point. Every sentence will require you to apply more than one rule, and it is tough to know which rule to choose on the spot and how to combine them in order to create a correct sentence.

By applying the Genius Language Learning method, you will have the best tools to learn a new language, combined with an incredible clarity on the steps to take to finally get from zero to fluent.