“Let’s be honest, memory isn’t that important” 

The phrase in our title is a classic one you hear nowadays. Many people think, “Now with mobile phones and voice recorders, isn’t better to leave your mind free from distractions and concentrate only on things that you really need your brain to do?”

As surprising as it may seem, I also believe this in many cases.

Nevertheless, there are circumstances where if you don’t know the right learning techniques, the results can vary a lot. What am I talking about? I’m talking about a difference in results that is very clear and that is not irrelevant.

Here is a list of some of these situations:

  1. When you meet someone you’ve met before and you don’t remember their name. In this case, you may feel embarrassed if you don’t remember their name.
  2. In a language class: For many people, aside from the fact that they would like to learn a new language, they decide not to study because they can’t remember all the things they need to memorize. It takes a lot of effort, dedication, and time.
  3. When we speak with someone who speaks a different language, we can’t find the words in the dictionary. It turns into a big effort and an embarrassing situation that we’d prefer to avoid. If we’re not able to speak another language, we may lose out on the chance to travel.
  4. There are other examples from daily life, such as knowing the PIN for our bank card or a certain password. How many times have you forgotten these things? It’s annoying, right?

These are just some examples why you should consider our rapid learning method and discover why a good memory is fundamental if you want to make a difference in your life.

Many people think it’s important to understand specific things, for example, a formula for math and science. In my opinion, that’s a fallacy. If I have to study 80 theorems, even if I understand them, it doesn’t mean much if I’m not able to reproduce them. I may be able to reproduce some of them if I’m sitting at my desk. However, if I’m in front of teachers, everything changes entirely.

However, in the Genius course, it’s not just about the memory techniques. I’m going to repeat something that will make any doubts go away:

This course teaches methods and systems of learning that take less time. These include:

  • A rapid study and learning method that is efficient and allows you to maximize your time
  • Mind maps. This is a method that helps you to organize information so you remember it better.
  • Relaxation and concentration techniques that you can use in different situations. For many people this is the point of weakness, and it affects your capacity to learn by causing mental stress. You need to confront this situation and resolve it for the long term.

The things that you need to remember over the long term can include many types of information, such as:

  • numbers for work
  • historical dates
  • telephone numbers
  • formulas for math or chemistry
  • and much, much more.

Nevertheless, with all of this, there’s the ultimate goal to retain important and useful information—and not lose bets with your friends!